When it comes to baby carriers, the requirements of every baby are unique. Purchasing the wrong product can end up being a worthless investment and a waste of your money.

So, we have provided a proper buying guide that helps you choose the right baby carrier for your little one.

Types of Baby Carriers

Before purchasing baby gear, remember that the requirements of newborns and toddlers are completely different.

Newborns usually wish to hug you while older babies prefer to see the world. For a newborn stage, wraps are the perfect option. While for toddlers and older babies, a soft structured carrier is preferable.

If you don’t want to purchase two types of baby carriers, then you can go for a model that adjusts according to the baby’s age.

So, there are three different baby carriers. A clear description of each baby carrier is mentioned below.

1. Wraps

A long piece of wide and strong fabric is worn around the body over both shoulders. This eventually forms a pouch on your hip or front, making the loose-fitting comfortable to breastfeed.

It wraps around you and your baby and can be worn in a number of different ways.

It distributes the baby weight across the shoulders and hips, so you will not feel the burden of baby weight. Wraps don’t have any clasps, buckles, and rings which may hurt you or your child.

Cotton jersey, knit jersey, cotton, and linen are some of the common materials used for baby carriers. Stretchy wraps like cotton jerseys and knit jerseys are suitable for newborns as they are soft.

Woven materials like cotton or linen are suitable for toddler wraps as they are sturdy.

Wraps are perfect for babies up to 18 months old. While it makes it easy for breastfeeding moms to feed their babies, this type of baby carrier takes time to wear and is uncomfortable for slightly older babies due to a lack of adequate cushioning and support.

2. Structured Carriers

Quite similar to a backpack, with additional buckles and padded straps attached to the main body of the carrier. It is worn close to the chest with the baby facing inwards or outwards.

These baby carriers have defined seats for babies and straps for shoulders and waist for provided for parents.

Some structured carries come with adjustable straps and clip enclosures. If it is for smaller babies within specified weight restrictions, then their legs can be tucked inside.

When the child outgrows, legs can be put through leg holes. Though they are not as snugly as wraps, they are easy and quick to put on.

3. Ring Slings

A single piece of wide fabric is worn over one shoulder across the torso. This eventually forms a pouch on your hip or front, making the loose-fitting comfortable to breastfeed.

You will have to pull the loose end of the fabric through the rings to fit into it. As these slings are unstructured, it may be troublesome to position the baby safely.

Sling length differs from style and brand. Short-length slings are problematic for plus-sized parents. They should consider buying a sling with generous length.

Ring material should also be considered. Wood, plastic, or metal is used for making these rings. When it comes to fabric, consider breathable fabrics for the summer season and warmer fabric for the winter months.

Chinmay Kids 4-in-1 Adjustable Baby Carrier

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  1. Easy to get the baby in and out with this baby carrier.
  2. 4 ways to carry Chest Way, Kangaroo Style, Back Carry, Cross Arm Carry.
  3. Adjustable buckle and straps construction maintains physical contact with the baby.
  4. Breathable fabric and pocket for putting baby’s favorite item.
  5. Cushioned armholes, for the baby’s delicate arms.
  6. Adjustable side opening buckle, to ensure safety.
  7. Carrying capacity: 3.5 to 15 kgs.
  8. Package contains 1 piece of adjustable baby carrier.

LuvLap Elegant Baby Carrier

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  1. Certified as per European Standard EN 13209 which makes this product safe for small ones
    4 Carrying positions
  2. 2 shoulder belts and one waist belt for superior lumbar support
  3. Removable and Adjustable hardboard support with air holes, to supply protection and support to the baby’s head and back
  4. Adjustable side opening buckle, to ensure safety
  5. Easy adjustable wide padded shoulder straps with breathable mesh fabric lining, for the parent’s comfort and convenience
  6. Cushioned armholes, for the baby’s delicate arms

Trumom 3 in1 Baby Carrier

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  1. Side impact protection with deep, softly padded side wings, protects the child’s head, neck, and spine; ensuring the simplest and safest fit.
  2. Adjustment and soft-touch area on the handle for comfortable carrying and chest pads for your child’s comfort
  3. Padded and wavelike shoulders straps can fully absorb and distribute the load across the shoulder
  4. Front pocket for on-the-go use, a removable bib to stay user’s cloth tidy

Mee Mee Light Weight Baby Carrier

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  1. Made of fabrics that are safe, breathable and gentle on your baby’s skin
  2. All our materials are carefully tested for safety, durability, and comfort
  3. Designed to accommodate as many as 4 positions for carrying your tiny tot – front-facing and back-facing positions and front-facing and back-facing back carrying positions

Eranqo 4-in-1 Adjustable baby carrier

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  1. The best baby carrier in the budget which can easily carry 3.5 KG to 15 KG Child.
  2. 4 different ways to carry baby facing front, horizontal position, back carry, and baby facing the parent.
  3. Cushioned arm and leg hole, adjustable belts, and double protection safety buckle give a perfect reason to buy this product.
  4. The baby carrier is lightweight and can be carried easily while traveling.
  5. The Stitching is very strong and a safety belt is also provided which assures the safety of the baby.

Luvlap Royal Hip Seat Carrier

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  1. Inward-facing, outward-facing, inward-facing seat, and outward-facing seat style
  2. Breathable mesh to avoid irritation on baby’s delicate skin
  3. Detachable buckle for easy usage
  4. Baby seat for older babies who can sit unassisted
  5. Detachable seat for child’s comfort

Ineffable Pocket Strong Belt Durable Baby Carrier

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  1. Type: Carrier
  2. Color: black, pink
  3. Material: Cotton
  4. Weight: 349 g
  5. Weight Capacity: 12 kg

Kiddale Ergonomic 3-in-1 Baby Carrier

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  1. Use this carrier sling to hold the baby comfortable in 3 different positions- facing inward, facing outward and hip seat carries, . The waist stool seat is detachable and can be used separately as well.
  2. The mesh covers and hood can be used to shield your child from the varying effects of weather
  3. It has a wide and thick shoulder strap to help reduce the weight pressure on the shoulder thus making it even more comfortable and easy for you to carry your little one
  4. It has a triangular design which gives more stability to the carrier. The seat is wide enough to seat the child securely and safely, and the cushion made from high-density rubber provides optimal comfort.
  5. The mesh pocket on the waist strap of the seat provides an easy-access storage compartment for the parents.

Kidoyzz Adjustable Baby Carrier

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  1. Type: Carrier.
  2. Material: Polyester & Cotton.
  3. Weight: 300 g.
  4. Weight Capacity: 12 kg
  5. Easy to urge The Baby In And Out With This Baby Carrier

Kol Kol Baby Carrier Bag

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  1. Kol Kol Compact is an ergonomic baby sack that provides a deep and cozy seat that’s great for baby’s development, making it very comfortable and straightforward to use.
  2. Handwoven Cotton Baby Carrier, which is natural, pure and breathable that makes it comfortable in any weather
  3. It comes with padded shoulder straps, supportive waistband, hood, storage pocket, and padded leg openings
  4. Baby should be at least 70 cms tall. It can be used with babies from 6 months to 4 years.
  5. This light-weight baby carrier supports 2 positions, Front & Back carry and lets you be hands-free

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