It will be the question of which is to buy and how to buy. All these questions will be clear after reading this guide.

You are a fitness freak then you will count your daily routine. (like how many steps you completed, and how many calories you burned). For all this to monitor you need a Fitness tracker.

Which is the best Fitness tracker for heart rate monitor?

Ok. which is the best fitness tracker for heart rate monitor. Finding the proper fitness tracker is often challenging with numerous options.

But no matter what your activities are, there’s a fitness tracker out there for your health needs. there are a few things that keep in mind while purchasing fitness.

Physical activity:

What are your daily workout needs? Consider how a fitness tracker can benefit you. If you engage in activities like Pilates, yoga, or walking, choose a basic fitness tracker for pulse monitoring and sleep data.

On the opposite hand, if high-intensity workouts, including running and swimming, are more of your thing, choose a fitness tracker that will offer you vital reads and remember your mileage.


While purchasing a fitness band or fitness tracker, its design takes a very important role. It just because tracks our daily routine.

The fitness band should also fit our wrist, Some of the fitness bands are not comfortable on the wrist. एक ऐसे फिटनेस ट्रैकर में निवेश करें, जो आंखों की रोशनी नहीं है और आपकी कलाई पर अच्छी तरह फिट बैठता है।. 

So the fitness band should clearly and comfortably fit our wrist. While purchasing you can check for different colors to fit your wrist. Because it clearly fits your wrist and with your activewear, casual, and work outfits.

Wellness features:

A fitness tracker might already monitor the Heart rate, but what are its other wellness features? Some trackers offer you stats on your sleep patterns, daily movement, and distance after workouts.

Even though fitness trackers aren’t meant to cure or prevent any diseases, they will give valuable insights into your physical and psychological state.

Smartphone compatibility:

Your smartphone is one of the most important tech devices, so it might be helpful to find a fitness tracker that connects with it.

If in the case the smartphone is not in your hand is connected to a tracker, you have a fitness tracker so you can receive call and text notifications. 

Plus, some of the trackers come with smartphone apps, so you can store files on it.

Your fitness band is connected to your smartphone then you can check your daily routine with the help of a Smartphone


Most fitness trackers run on batteries or got to be charged regularly. Check to ascertain the facility’s lifetime of a tracker first before buying it.

If it doesn’t last long, skip it and choose another model. You don’t want to possess a tracker that can’t continue together with your physical activity needs.


Some fitness trackers might comes with a company guarantee or warranty. 


List of the best Fitness tracker for heart rate monitor

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Mi Smart Band 5 Fitness tracker for heart rate monitor

best Fitness tracker for heart rate monitor

1.1 inch AMOLED Color Display, 2 Weeks Battery Life, 5ATM Water Resistant


  • 1.1-inch Full touch AMOLED color display
  • The battery runs up to 14 days on a single charge
  • Magnetic charging  also Hassle-free charging
  • PAI- (Personal Activity Intelligence)
  • 5ATM Water Resistant
  • Run-on the go with Automatic activity detection (Running and Walking)

HONOR Band 5 Fitness tracker for heart rate monitor

Waterproof Full Color AMOLED Touchscreen, SpO2 (Blood Oxygen), Music Control, Watch Faces Store, up to 14 Day Battery Life


  • 0.95 Inch AMOLED Touch Large Color Screen
  • Adjustable screen brightness, dynamic and vivid display with home button control,
  • Belt clip design makes the band firmly attached to your wrist.
  • Compatible with Android 4.4 or later/iOS 9.0 or later

Gusto 2.0 by Helix (TW0HXB204T) Fitness tracker for heart rate monitor

Dual Color Fitness Band with Colored Display, HRM, SOS, Music Control, Message and Call Notification Digital Black Dial Unisex’s Watch, up to 7 days active battery life


  • Helix Gusto 2.0 smart fitness band from the house of Timex Group comes with multiple feature and SOS is one of the most unique features of this band
  • Rotate your wrist to 180degree to light up the screen.
  • This band comes with three sports mode that is Walk, Running and Cycling.
  • 1 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty for any Manufacturing Defects

Mi Smart Band 4 best Fitness tracker for heart rate monitor
best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor under 2500

India’s No.1 Fitness Band, Up-to 20 Days Battery Life, Color AMOLED Full-Touch Screen, Waterproof with Music Control, and Unlimited Watch Faces


  • The Mi Smart Band 4 features a 39.9% larger (than Mi Band 3) AMOLED color full-touch display with adjustable brightness,
  • Compatible with Android 4.4 or later/iOS 9.0
  • With the band on your wrist, you can receive text messages, silence or reject calls, and get social media notifications instantly
  • Up to 20 days of long-lasting battery life for uninterrupted performance

Noise ColorFit 2 best Fitness tracker for heart rate monitor

best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor under 2500

Smart Fitness Band with Coloured Display, Activity Tracker Steps Counter, Heart Rate Sensor, Calories Burnt Count, Menstrual Cycle Tracking for Women (Midnight Black


  • ColorFit 2 features Bluetooth v4.0 and is compatible with NoiseFit App for IOS iOS 8.0+ and Android 4.4+ phones
  • Charging your ColorFit 2 is easy with the built-in USB charge port, there’s no cable to lose, charge from any charger or PC USB port
  • Log in to the NoiseFit app and track your health and fitness details.
  • Noise ColorFit 2 can be used for up to 5 days between charging with 7 days stand by
  • Get a 1-year assured warranty from Noise

Realme Band best Fitness tracker for heart rate monitor

best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor under 2500

Full-Colour Screen with Touchkey, Real-time Heart Rate Monitor, in-Built USB Charging, IP68 Water-Resistant


  • 0.96-inch large color screen can display a vast range of more than 65,000 colors
  • The touch button makes the display simple and intuitive to operate.
  • Install the App by searching and downloading realme on the Google Play Store
  • Get a long standby time of up to 10 days on a single charge with heart rate monitor
  • Track your favorite activity with the realme Band.

Mevofit Echo Dash best Fitness tracker for heart rate monitor

best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor under 2500

HR Fitness Band with Tracker, Heart Rate for Men and Women


  • Brought to you in association with fitness tracker with USB dongle echo dash fitness tracker bands sleek, stylish powerful responsive feature loaded
  • Smartwatch and fitness bands with heart rate monitoring and advanced apps for Android and iOS
  • it has a 1-year warranty

MevoFit Echo-Swim Fitness tracker for heart rate monitor

best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor under 2500

Swimming-Fitness-Band & Smart Watch for Fitness & Sports PRO: Stylish-Sporty-Fitness-Band, All Activity


  • MevoFit Swim is a strong, smart and durable fitness band which comes with SWIM MODE,
  • Advanced daily activity tracker, sleep, HR, BP, Blood Oxygen, Sports Mode, Timer, & Notifications Display (Call, SMS & Social).
  • This Fitness Band comes with 3 sports modes including Walking, Running, & Hiking.
  • Large Waterproof Fitness Tracker Monitor.
  • 1 Year Warranty

Redmi Smart Band  and Fitness tracker for heart rate monitor

best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor under 2500

Direct USB Charging, Full Touch Colour Display, Upto 14-Day Battery Life, Works with Xiaomi Wear App


  • Hassle-free charging with in-built USB connector
  • 1.08-inch Full touch Color display
  • Adjustable screen brightness and dynamic display.
  • Get a long standby time of up to 14 days on a single charge
  • Track your heart rate in real-time and keep your health in check throughout the day
  • 5 Professional Sports mode to suit your exercise regime like Outdoor running, Cycling, Treadmill, Power Walking, Freestyle exercise