5+ Best Sound Absorbing Material in India 2024 | SoundProof Materials for Gaming Room

5+ Best Sound Absorbing Material in India 2024 | SoundProof Materials for Gaming Room

There are many sound-absorbing materials in the market today.

At best, many are good products and truly useful for soundproofing, and at worst some are of questionable benefit to homeowners and businesses.

We condensed those products into a list of what we consider to be the 10 materials for soundproofing a room in your home.

Most of these products are readily found online, while a few are more specialized and will require a special order.

Study this list of products and you can easily find the soundproof material to complete your project from start to finish and stay within your building budget.

Types of Sound Absorbing Material in India

These are the most used soundproofing materials each category has different best-use scenarios. Each of these acoustic materials falls into one of these categories.

Sound-Absorbing, Sound Insulation, Sound Dampening, and Decoupling.

Acoustic Foam

This material, commonly called Studio Foam, has a distinctive wedge or pyramid shape that is highly effective at absorbing sound. They attach to walls as panels, hang from ceilings as baffles, or sit in corners as bass traps.

Sound Insulation

Sound insulation is batts made of mineral wool, rock wool, and fiberglass, designed to fit in between the studs of walls. The batts fit snugly between studs to take up airspace that can transmit sound.

Acoustic Panels/Boards

These are decorative versions of sound insulation and sound-absorbing foam. They can come in many appealing colors, patterns, and fabrics to serve a dual purpose in the home and workplace.

Acoustic Fabrics

Acoustical fabrics are thicker and heavier than other fabrics and are used in theater curtains, blackout curtains, and studio blankets.

Acoustic Coatings

Materials like Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) are a dense rubber-like material, used in many different situations such as car soundproofing, machinery, appliances, and underlayment. In out of the country. The mass of the material acts as a sound barrier.

Floor Underlayment

Soundproofing a hardwood or tile floor requires the decoupling of the flooring surface and the subfloor to reduce noise transmission. Cork, felt, and polymers are commonly used as underlayment materials.

7.Architectural Soundproofing material

This group includes anything used in the structure of a building, such as soundproof windows, soundproof walls, doors, and decoupling products used to install them.

Soundproofing Material in India

In this, we are listed some of the best-selling and Selected by many creators. They are using the Sound-absorbing Material in India for their Video and Audio creation Studio.

Acoustic Foam (YGM Acoustic Foams)

YGM Acoustic Foams

Best Use: For improving the sound in small to medium rooms, like recording studios, control boardrooms, and even small home theatres.

YGM Acoustic Zig Zag Pyramids Foam panels are best for echo reduction, sound diffusion, and sound absorption.

The surface area of this product is higher than the egg tray due to its Wedge design. The more the surface area, the better the soundproofing.

ColorsCharcoal, Burgundy

YGM Acoustic Foams is a well-known acoustic foam brand that has dozens of foam shapes and sizes that are perfect for musicians, recording artists, podcasters, and home theater lovers.

Studiofoam is their most popular product, and the 2 wedges are the best sellers. They also make killer bass traps for your corners.

Use 3M Command strips, hook and loop strips, or spray adhesive to mount the foam to your room’s walls and ceiling.

If you ever plan on moving them, it’s highly recommended to use the removable type of adhesive strips to make removal easier.

Sound Absorbing Foam (YGM Acoustic Foams)

YGM Acoustic Foams

Best Use: Use as an alternative to the Auralex panels. They offer multiple attractive colors to break up with charcoal that looks great in any room.

YGM Acoustic Zig Zag Pyramids Foam panels are best for echo reduction, sound diffusion, and sound absorption

ColorsCharcoal Grey

Most people use the professional Studio Acoustic foam panels for absorbing sound in both home and professional use.

The bright colors liven up theater rooms, gaming rooms, voice booths, and studios while absorbing sound and killing echoes.

Acoustic Panels (MMT Acoustics Panels)

MMT Acoustic Panels

Best Use: Acoustic panels are best for rooms where the looks of wedge and pyramid foam are undesirable. The wood-framed panels look more sort of a decoration or large framework than a sound-absorbing panel.

Size35*20*10 cm
ColorsOrange, Black

For rooms where foam just won’t cut it visually, acoustic panels are there to fill the void. They finish off the panel with an all-jute fabric cover to make it a great-looking piece.

All that’s left is to hang them on the wall with the included hardware. It is important to note the MMT Acoustic panels are sold as single panels, but you can always buy multiple panels at one time to save on shipping costs.

Acoustic Curtains (Home Blackout Faux Silk Superior)

Best Use: Blackout curtains are good for reducing the noise coming in or getting out of windows and doors. Use is also in the bedroom, home theater, nursery, or wherever a touch quiet is required.

A typical acoustic curtain uses quality, heavyweight, plush fabrics combined with soundproofing materials like mass-loaded vinyl to dampen sound and reduce echo.

While these curtains are usually special-order products, the best alternative for home is to buy quality, heavyweight blackout curtains

For the home, acoustic curtains are meant to improve the sound in a room, as opposed to blocking sound from leaving or entering.

Door Sealing Deco & Window Door Seal

Deco Window Door Seal

Best Use: Foam gaskets are a great cheap material for filling in space on door frames where noise loves to leak in and out of rooms.

Gaps between the door jam and door are prime paths for unwanted noise to travel. Compressible foam gasket material helps seal up the gap and absorb some of the sounds.

The door sweep portion is to seal up the ground section of the door, especially on hard floors.

However, it’s just one piece of the puzzle regarding soundproofing doors.

A cheap hollow door remains to get to transmit sound even with a gasket and door sweep, so problem areas may have acoustic curtains or blankets added to be effective.

Soundproofing Insulation

Soundproofing insulation is employed in buildings and houses to scale back the quantity of sound transmitted to other parts of the building.

Mineral wool and fiberglass are the most common materials. It’s a relatively easy and cost-effective way to improve the soundproofing of a room.

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In this Soundproofing Material in India, I have given an idea and a list of Soundproofing materials.

I hope this was helped, to purchase Acoustic Foam for your need.

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