BSNL Broadband Plans Karnataka in 2021

BSNL Broadband Plans in Karnataka starts from 449 and it goes up to 2349.

Benefits of BSNL Broadband in Karnataka:

  1. High-speed broadband (up to 24 Mbps)
  2. High FUP limit ranging from 2GB/day to 35GB/day
  3. Unlimited free calling (Local+STD) on any network within India
  4. Annual, Biennial & Triennial Payment Options with a huge discount
  5. Available in both rural as well as in the urban area
  6. ADSL modem rent out a facility
  7. Affordable broadband plan rent
  8. Unlimited data download with FUP limit

ನೀವು ನಿಮ್ಮ ಮನೆಗೆ BSNL Broadband ಆಕುವ  ಆಲೋಚನೆಯಲ್ಲಿ ಇದ್ದೀರಾ?

BSNL Broadband Plans Karnataka

Lists of BSNL Broadband Plans Karnataka

BSNL Broadband Plan Download Speed (Up to) FUP Limit Monthly Rent (in Rs)
2GB BSNL CUL 8Mbps 2GB/day, then 1Mbps 369
2GB CUL 8Mbps 2GB/day, then 1Mbps 419
3GB CUL 8Mbps 3GB/day, after 1Mbps 519
ULD 611 CS54 8Mbps 80GB/Month, then 1Mbps 611
4GB CUL 10Mbps 4GB/day, after 2Mbps 629
5GB CUL 10Mbps 5GB/day, then 2Mbps 729
Superstar 300 with free Hotstar 10Mbps 300GB/month, then 2Mbps 779
12GB CUL 10Mbps 12GB/day, then 2Mbps 899
Super Star 500 with Hotstar Premium 10Mbps 500GB/month, then 2Mbps 949
ULD 1091 CS70 10Mbps 500GB/month, then 2Mbps 1091
10GB CUL Family 10Mbps & 3 SIM cards with unlimited 10GB/day, after 2Mbps 1199
22GB CUL 10Mbps 22GB/day, then 2Mbps 1299
25GB CUL 10Mbps 25GB/day, then 4Mbps 1599
30GB CUL 16Mbps 30GB/day, then 4Mbps 1849
35GB CUL 24Mbps 35GB/day, then 4Mbps 2349

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Lists Of BSNL Broadband (FTTH) Plans in Karnataka

1 Month to 24 Month offers is given below table.

Plan Name Plan Price  Speed & Data Beyond Speed
100GB CUL 499 20Mbps, 100GB 2 Mbps
4GB CUL 629 10Mbps, 4GB/Day 2 Mbps
BB Home Rural Combo ULD650 650 10Mbps, 5GB/Day 2 Mbps
300GB CS139 FIBER 699 40Mbps, 300GB 2 Mbps
5GB CUL Bharat Fiber 729 10Mbps, 5GB/Day 2 Mbps
500GB CUL 777 50Mbps, 500GB 2 Mbps
Superstar 300GB 779 50Mbps, 300GB 2 Mbps
600GB CUL 849 50Mbps, 600GB 2 Mbps
12GB CUL 899 10Mbps, 12GB/Day 2 Mbps
Home Rural USOF Combo ULD899 899 20Mbps
BB Home Combo ULD900 900 10Mbps, 15GB/Day 2 Mbps
Superstar 500GB 949 50Mbps, 500GB 2 Mbps
600GB CS140 999 60Mbps, 600GB 2 Mbps
BBG SPEED COMBO ULD1091 1,091 10Mbps, 500GB 2 Mbps
Fiber Combo ULD1099 1,099 75Mbps, 600GB 2 Mbps
650GB CS71 1,100 70Mbps, 650GB 2 Mbps
10GB CUL Family 1,199 10Mbps, 10GB/Day 2 Mbps
750GB 1,277 100Mbps, 750GB 2 Mbps
22GB CUL 1,299 10Mbps, 22GB/Day 2 Mbps
800GB CS72 1,400 100Mbps, 800GB 2 Mbps
Fibro Combo ULD1499 1,499 100Mbps, 100GB 2 Mbps
900GB CS142 1,599 100Mbps, 900GB 2 Mbps
25GB CUL 1,599 10Mbps, 25GB/Day 4 Mbps
30GB CUL 1,849 16Mbps, 30GB/Day 4 Mbps
1000GB CS62 1,995 100Mbps, 1000GB 2 Mbps
Fibro combo ULD1999 1,999 200Mbps, 1500GB 2 Mbps
33GB CUL 1,999 100Mbps, 33GB/Day 4 Mbps
35GB CUL 2,349 24Mbps, 35GB/Day 4 Mbps
40GB CUL 2,499 100Mbps, 40GB/Day 4 Mbps
55GB CUL 4,499 100Mbps, 55GB/Day 4 Mbps
SuperSpeed Combo 5774 5,774 24Mbps, 2890GB
80GB Plan 5,999 100Mbps, 80GB/Day 6 Mbps
Combo unlimited

6930 Plan

6,930 4Mbps, 200GB 2 Mbps
120GB Plan 9,999 100Mbps, 120GB/Day 8 Mbps
170GB Plan 16,999 100Mbps, 170GB/Day 10 Mbps

BSNL Broadband Installation Charges

Service Installation Charges Annual/Higher Payment Subscription Installation Fee
BSNL Landline Rs.250 Nil
BSNL Broadband Only Rs. 250 Nil
BSNL Broadband (Temporary Connection) Rs. 250 Nil
Bharat Fiber (FTTH) NPC with only Broadband or Voice or Combo Plan Rs.500 Nil
Broadband over existing Voice Rs.250 Nil
Voice Service over existing Broadband service Nil Not Applicable

The above said charges shall be charged for all the customers those ONT/Modem is taken on rent from BSNL.

ONT/Modem is purchased by the customer from outside and installation by BSNL.

Clarification on Installation Charges

There are no installation charges shall be levied for the provisioning of Voice Service over the existing Broadband Only service.

No separate installation charges of Rs 500/- for the ONT installation shall be levied over above the Service level installation charges of Rs.250/- per connection under the Bharat Fiber category.

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