Best M416 With 6x Sensitivity | Spray With no Recoil in PUBG

Best M416 With 6x Sensitivity | Spray With no Recoil in PUBG

One of the best combinations for spray in PUBG Mobile includes BGMI M416 and 6x scope.

For no recoil, you need M416 with 6x Sensitivity.

Tips to spray M416 with a 6x scope without recoil

Some of the tips and tricks that you need to know while using M416 and 6x scope for zero recoils.

  • Practice in the training room
  • Play TDM – Team Death Match
  • Quick matches

These matches will give an idea about your Sensitivity Setting.

If you are not a rank pusher then play classic matches, to avoid ranks play TDM.

Finding the Best Sensitivity Setting

Best Sensitivity Setting for BGMI mobile, finding sensitivity setting is not an easy task for zero recoils.

For that, you need to spend some time in the training room, with basic sensitivity.

While playing/training you can easily change Sensitivity Setting.

M416 with 6x Sensitivity

You will use M416 with 6x for that you need a good sensitivity setting. You can find the best sensitivity setting and also you can adjust when practicing in the training room.

Most BGMI players prefer using 6x scope and adjusting it to 3x scope for laser spray.

After these settings, you focus on camera sensitivity and 3x scope sensitivity.

Most of the BGMI/PUBG player’s recommended sensitivity setting for gyro players is around 200 to 300% (for red dot) on Gyro Sensitivity Setting.

If you are a non-gyro player, then ADS sensitivity setting for 3x up to 20 to 35% will help you to shoot with very low recoil.

In the update, you can add specific guns sensitivity settings in Battlegrounds Mobile India

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