BGMI Tiers Lists for Ranking | PUBG Tiers Lists for Ranking [Rank Pushing] 2023

BGMI Tiers Lists for Ranking | PUBG Tiers Lists for Ranking [Rank Pushing] 2023

How PUBG / BGMI Mobile Ranking System Works

After Getting WWCD (Winner Winner Chicken Dinner) Player gets Points that vary from 30 points to 40.

Grading Starts from B, B+, A, A+, S, S+, SS+, SSS

Survival Time: Every 5 minutes Survival time gives your 2xp Points.

Kill Rating: Based on How much finish and damage you have taken by Finishing or spraying the enemy.

Health Restored Point: Recovering your Health & Reviving your Friends.

Revival Point: The best way to rank pushing is by asking your teammate to jump from the running car and revive them.

Damage Points: Damage given to the enemy not kill, as the enemy restores his health count as Damage points.

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PUBG Tiers Lists for Ranking / BGMI Mobile Ranking List

Tiers Lists PUBG/BGMI RanksPUBG/BGMI Lite
Bronze V12001200
Bronze IV13001300
Bronze III 14001400
Bronze II 15001500
Bronze I 16001600
Silver V 17001700
Silver IV18001800
Silver III 19001900
Silver II20002000
Silver I 21002100
Gold V (Free Season Outfits) 22002200
Gold IV 23002300
Gold III 24002400
Gold II 25002500
Gold I 26002600
Platinum V 27002700
Platinum IV 28002800
Platinum III 29002900
Platinum II 30003000
Platinum I 31003100
Diamond V 5 (Free Season Gun Skin) 32003200
Diamond IV 33003300
Diamond III 34003400
Diamond II 35003500
Diamond I 36003600
Crown V 37003700
Crown IV 38003800
Crown III 39003900
Crown II 40004000
Crown I 41004100
Ace (Parachute) 42004200
Ace 1 star 4300 Not yet
Ace 10 Star 5300
Conqueror Top 500 Players in Serer (6000-10000 points*)
PUBG Mobile Tiers Lists for Ranking

PUBG Tiers Lists for Ranking after Resets New season

After all the achievements in a BGMI‘s particular season, the game resets all the ranks but keeps the special achievements.

At the start of every PUBG new season, players get to play from Gold.

How PUBG Mobile Rank Reset Works?

Ranks You Archived in seasonAfter Reset
In between Conqueror & Ace 6 Platinum 1
Ace 1 To 6 Platinum 2
Crown 1 Platinum 3
Crown 2&3 Platinum 4
Crown 4&5 Platinum 5
Diamond 1&2 Gold 1
Diamond 3,4,5 Gold 2
Platinum 1,2,3 Gold 3
Platinum 4,5 & Gold 1 Gold 4
Gold 2,3,4,5 Gold 5
Silver 1,2,3,4,5 Unchanged
Bronze 1,2,3,4,5 Unchanged
BGMI Tiers Lists for Ranking

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