Shiba Inu’s Latest Triumph | Unveiling Sheboshis on CoinW and Riding the Shibarium Surge

Shiba Inu’s Latest Triumph | Unveiling Sheboshis on CoinW and Riding the Shibarium Surge

Shiba Inu, the popular cryptocurrency known for its vibrant community, recently marked a significant milestone with the introduction of Sheboshis.

This experimental project has captivated the crypto world, and we’ll delve into the exciting developments surrounding Sheboshis and its impact on the Shiba Inu ecosystem.

This blog post delves into the exciting developments surrounding Sheboshis and the Shiba Inu ecosystem.

Sheboshis Listing on CoinW

Dubai-based crypto exchange CoinW made waves in the crypto sphere by announcing the official listing of Sheboshis on February 23.

Trading commenced immediately, with deposits and withdrawals scheduled to open on February 24 at 6 a.m. UTC.

This rapid listing on CoinW not only adds to the credibility of Sheboshis but also expands its reach and exposure within the crypto community.

Sheboshis and the SHIB Army

Introduced on February 20, 2024, Sheboshis received an overwhelmingly positive response from the SHIB community, affectionately known as the SHIB army.

Utilizing the innovative DN-404/ERC-404 standard, Sheboshis merges ERC-20 and ERC-721 standards, bringing liquidity and fractional ownership to the NFT space.

The community’s enthusiasm for this experimental project is palpable.

Phases of Sheboshis Claim

The Sheboshis claim process unfolded in three phases.

The first phase was exclusive to original Shiboshi NFT holders, who could claim a free Sheboshi for each Shiboshi they owned.

The second phase, open to LEASH token holders, allowed them to mint Sheboshis for 0.05 Ether (ETH).

Surprisingly, the remaining Sheboshis sold out within minutes during the second phase, showcasing the high demand for this unique token.

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Shibarium’s Surge in Transactions

Shiba Inu’s Layer 2 network, Shibarium, has been making waves with a remarkable surge in total transactions, nearing the 400 million mark.

This surge in activity aligns with the Shiba Inu community’s plans to enhance the token’s ecosystem.

Recent data from DeFiLlama suggests that Shibarium is approaching the $1 million mark in Total Value Locked (TVL), with exciting developments on the horizon, including the launch of SHEboshi, Shiboshi utility, and KNINE.

CoinW Listing Boosts Sheboshi

CoinW’s announcement of the listing of SHEboshi on its platform is a significant boost to the Sheboshi project.

CoinW is the first exchange to list SHEboshi, offering it under the trading pair SHEB/USDT within CoinW’s MEME & NFT arena. While trading for SHEB commenced immediately, deposits and withdrawals were temporarily suspended until February 24, 2024, at 06:00 a.m. UTC.

The CoinW listing has fueled optimism within the Shiba Inu community, with expectations of more exchange listings for Sheboshi.

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Conclusion for Shiba Inu’s Latest Triumph

As Sheboshis and Shibarium continue to gain momentum, the Shiba Inu community finds itself at the forefront of innovation in the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency.

With successful listings, growing transaction numbers, and exciting developments on the horizon, the future looks promising for Shiba Inu’s ecosystem.

The journey of Sheboshis and Shibarium reflects the dynamic nature of the crypto space, and the community eagerly anticipates what comes next.

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